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The Terrible Association between some dental problems  and cancer



Photo by Dr. Mark Krasna

The problem with all these associations is figuring out which came first the cancer or the gum disease?  Unfortunately, it is unclear, but what is clear is this recent study that suggests that if you control for smoking and alcohol consumption some of the bacteria associated with gum disease seem to have an influence on those with Esophageal cancer.   If you have not checked your gums within the last year, come see us, we will make sure you avoid the awful result of discovering it too late.









How You Take Care of your Teeth Today will affect your future


One of the most important things you do today could affect your future.  Neglecting problems today results in more complicated conditions in the future, the problem is that fixing them later becomes more and more a problem.  At our office, I always am thankful for taking care of our Kupuna as they enter their “Golden Years”

they have a healthy mouth to keep them strong and happy.  Sometimes we don’t think about the future because there is so much happening today, but being responsible for your health will pay you back in the future more than you will ever imagine.




Periodontal Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease

There has been disturbing associations between Periodontal (gum) Disease and various diseases, but none as distressing as its association with Alzheimer’s Disease.  According to Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, a medical journal dedicated to Alzheimer’s Disease, a study was just published that associates the two.  In fact,  in people who suffer from Periodontal Disease, there is almost double the chance of getting Alzheimer’s Disease.





Here is a Cool Collage Posted by Dr. Howard Farran Showing that:



Dentistry made a big difference in the lives of these celebrities!



New Guidelines for Serving Juice to Infants


New guidelines by the American Academy of Pediatrics were recently made for serving juice to your infants, if your child is younger than one, don’t serve any juice.  While fruit juice has many beneficial nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and potassium it also has very high quantities of sugar.  In addition, many juices contain high fructose corn syrup as an added sweetener, which may lead to Early Childhood Caries, better known as cavities and sometimes referred to as “Baby Bottle Syndrome”.   From 1 to 6 years, 4 to 6 oz of juice per day is the maximum level of consumption or about 1/2 a can of juice.  Whole fruits should be encouraged instead of juice.  From 6 to 18 no more than 1 cup per day.  I know it is a shift from what we think are “healthy foods”  but now we should think of juice like we do about soft drinks like soda.  Interestingly, the University of Michigan found that children were drinking too much juice back in 2012 and that they lower the family income, the higher the juice consumption.  So now you can think of juice like you do about soft drinks and serve more whole fruits and water instead.  Here are the links to more info:

Fruit Juice in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Current Recommendations


Too much of a good thing? Kids in low-income families drink more juice than recommended







Habits that you need to change today!


There are a number of habits that I am constantly reminding patients to stop right away.  Mouthaware lists 6 habits to start but there are others, but the worst is chewing on ice here is the list:


The effects of chewing on ice can be painful in several ways, above you see a cracked tooth caused by chewing on ice, now the patient has pain while biting and while eating cold foods.  The solution is usually crowning of the tooth, but you may need additional services like a root canal.  So now is it worth it to chew on ice?




Be #Mouthaware!


It’s Oral Cancer Awareness month and it is important to do your own self check this poster displays.  There are the areas in your mouth that you should take a look at to see if there are anything unusual periodically.  Oral Cancer is at an all time high and it is hard to swallow.  Increase use of tobacco, alchohol consumption and other bad habits can lead to higher oral cancer rates.  If you see something unusual, come in right away, don’t fool around.     http://www.nature.com/articles/bdjteam20162mouthaware



The Ala Moana Mauka Wing Mural


Ever wonder where is


the Mauka Wing mural at Ala Moana Center by 808 Urban artists John “Prime” Hina and Laetitia Mahoney?  Here is the hint, the old Nordstroms, here are some photos of the mural, and it looks like it would be perfect for people who want to stand  in the blank parts like the butterfly body or the l in aloha.  It’s worth a look when you come in next time!





This Sunday 8-14-16 we did a service project


Ala Moana is a big park and it needs help to keep it clean, so our office pitched in and did some hard work! But don’t worry, we had fun and a lot of good food  as you see in the video, gotta keep your strength up!  Click on the picture to see the video to see why we are smiling after working in the hot sun.


New! We Now Can Help Our Anxious Patients!




sillouette on girl

We are very excited to announce that we will be able to help our existing patients as well as new patients who are a bit squeamish about coming to the dentist.  We now have a state of the art, Nitrous Oxide Sedation system in house!  We use a new nasal hood that was just developed last year to provide our patients with the most comfortable experience, without bulky tubes like in the past.  In the photo, the patient actually has a nasal hood on, but it is so small that you almost can’t see it. Compare this to the old school nasal hood that has been large and uncomfortable.nitrousoxidesedation01  Come or call to find out if this is right for you, family member or a friend who may need some help in coming to the dentist.




Hawaii One of the States with the Highest Periodontal Disease Rate



This story really grabbed my attention, when the American Dental Association reported that the CDC said that Hawaii was in the top ten of states with the highest Periodontal Disease Rates in the US.  This is one list that you don’t want to be on.  This study done by the CDC is important because it is one of the few studies that looked at adult periodontal disease on a state and local level in the United States, and Hawaii was #2!



If you have kidney disease, don’t forget your dental appointment!Kidney disease and periodontal disese



It has been reported in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology that people with kidney disease who also have gum disease have a higher chance of death than people who have kidney disease alone.  People who have both problems have 41% mortality rate in 10 years, as compared to 32% for patients with kidney disease alone. The link of dental problems and your overall health is becoming more and more apparent.

Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/health/article/2000192572/survey-gum-disease-puts-patients-with-kidney-failure-at-more-risk



Brush and Floss Daily, especially post menopausal women


Wish I had some good news to share , but as usual, more bad news about Periodontal Disease especially for post menopausal women. In the American Association for Cancer Research website, it was posted that researchers at the University at Buffalo have found that there is an association between Periodontal disease and Breast Cancer. A woman with Periodontal Disease has 16 times higher risk than a woman without Periodontal Disease, and if she smoked in the last 20 years, the risk jumped to 36 times higher risk. Bottom line, don’t smoke and floss every day!                            http://cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/early/2015/12/12/1055-9965.EPI-15-0750.abstract


Have a Happy Holiday, Brush and Floss


I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday! We are in the midst of family and office parties, and all the “goodies” that comes with the holidays, let me be the first to remind you to take care of your precious teeth. Here is a very good reminder of the most common mistakes that people make while brushing and flossing.

Mistakes you might be making twice a day. (You do brush twice a day, right?)


Heart attack risk.

Take care of your teeth, for your heart.



We have told our patients many times that the relationship between your dental health is important for your health in general.  The connection between the risk of a heart attack and stroke and your dental health is well established.  If you have gum disease, you double your chance of heart attack and triple your chance of a stroke. How is that?  According to Salomon Amar DMD, PhD, professor and director at the Center for Anti-inflammatory Therapeutics at Boston University School of Dental Medicine, the inflammation in your gums can enter your blood stream and end up in your heart and other organs, causing problems.  You can read more here:




Think you have some old dirty teeth?


Researchers in Israel have discovered evidence of human teeth 400000yearold teeth400,000 years old that have dental tartar on them.  The teeth were preserved in a cave that was sealed over 200,000 years ago.  In the dental tartar were traces of plants and smoke contaminants suggesting the diet and the environment the dwellers lived in was probably quite smoky due to the fires that were lit for cooking.  Interesting that tartar on our teeth will probably outlast us into the future.  For more information, here is the link to the story:     http://phys.org/news/2015-06-year-old-dental-tartar-earliest-evidence.html


We Accept Most Dental Insurance

There are many dental insurance carriers that our patients have.  Money is tight, so it makes sense that you use your plan wisely, our office is committed to this. We will work with you to ensure your dental insurance covers your treatment as much as possible.  At our office, you the patient are our main concern, and not the dental insurance company.  This is the reason we will work with all dental insurance plans that are available to maximize your benefit.  One thing that might prevent us from helping you is when a plan requires you to go to a limited slate of dentists, hopefully you are not enrolled in this kind plan.

Cavities Makes a

Big Come Back

This is not good news, we are noticing that cavities are making a big comeback.  Age, diet, lack of regular care and slow economic times combine to bring back one of the most destructive diseases.  What most people don’t know is that cavities returns as a problem during the “Golden Years”.   Mature adults start getting a very difficult kind of cavities,  Root Cavities.  Root Cavities are difficult to detect becauseroot-caries they start in between teeth, and are not readily visible.  Once Root Cavities get a foot hold on your teeth,  it is a very short distance to the pulp of the tooth, which means you may need a root canal treatment. Fortunately, radiographs work well to detect these lesions.  If caught early, we can stop Root Cavities from progressing, but you have to come in to find them.

 Should You Brush Immediately after Meals?

Acidity Scale

Brushing after eating is a recommendation that I have said to many patients over the years, but is it “written in stone”?  Should you always brush after meals or snacks in every situation?  The answer might surprise you, no you shouldn’t.  After eating or drinking acidic meals or snacks, you need to wait at least 15 minutes before you brush.  The acid in some food and drink is so high, that the enamel is actually softened, and brushing immediately could result in excessive enamel erosion.  By waiting for a while, the saliva can remineralize the enamel and make it more resistant to erosion.


The Effect of the Great Recession on Dental


It has been several years since the Great Recession ended, but to researchers in North Carolina, it was an opportunity to study the effects of an economic downturn on the dental health of children.  In a recent study presented in the Journal of the American Dental Association (September 2013), researchers looked at children’s cavity incidence before and after  a serious economic downturn.  Not surprisingly, they found an association between the recession and the increase in cavities.  Ironically,  this is occurring despite the finding that children have actually had an increase in access to care, suggesting that there are other reasons for the increase.

asian girl smiling


Prevention is not a message that young patients heed

It’s no secret that the younger we are, the more immortal we feel.  The same goes for our dental care.  We have noticed that when younger patients are no longer living with their parents, they frequently stop coming in for their wellness check-up appointments, and that is a problem.  Granted, we are blessed that our teeth are probably in the best condition that they will ever be when we are younger, studies show that that changes rapidly in the middle 20’s.  Mom and Dad helped to take care of you during your cavity intense period of life, now gum disease becomes the main reason that people lose their teeth.  Unfortunately, we pay for our bad habits later in life, making treatment more complex and difficult.  If this sounds like someone you know or it may be you, don’t just stand there and take it, make a recall appointment today, and catch problems when they are small.  Aloha!

Mouthwash, what does Dr Ching recommend?

There are many mouth washes that are available, which one is the right one for you?  glass_of_water_350In short the best mouth wash for daily use is one you can make yourself, mix 1/2 a teaspoon of hawaiian salt in a glass of 8 ounces of warm hawaiian water.  Then rinse with the entire glass, swish and hold in your mouth as long as possible.  It is the most effective cleaner, together with thorough brushing and flossing, there really isn’t anything better at any price.